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Junk Removal

We are a family-owned full service junk removal company. Our hard working staff has served the Metro Detroit, Michigan area since 1991. Our prices are affordable (generally 20% less than the 1-800 guys) and we love to beat the competition. We do all of the work and remove items from where they’re sitting. You save money if your items are closer to where we can park our truck.

garbage truck

Why choose us for junk removal service

  1. We give honest upfront estimates. Some companies won’t quote prices or give low ball prices only to raise them when they arrive. We won’t waste your time.
  2. Licensed, insured and uniformed.
  3. We do background checks and make sure only trustworthy people are at your house.
  4. No one recycles a larger percentage of material than we do. We sort as we load our truck. If your provider mixes it all together, they’re probably not recycling.
  5. We have served Oakland County since 1991 – longer than any local or national company.
  6. We charge by weight and volume rather than by the truck load. We have an incentive to pack the truck well and fit the most in. This means less trips to dump.
  7. Your money stays in Oakland County. We don’t pay franchise fees.
  8. Like most companies, we usually schedule a time frame. But, we also text ahead of time to update you and again when we’re on the way. If you’re meeting us at the location, we can set up a specific time, so you don’t have to wait for hours.
  9. We rarely advertise. Occasionally we try new opportunities when excellent incentives are offered to us. Instead, we rely on repeat customers and word of mouth. We never pay for referrals.
able junk removal team

Debris Pick-up service, when and where you need it.

We are willing to do small jobs that others aren’t interested in. We also handle huge jobs like hoarder clean outs and commercial building move outs. Our minimum is $50.00 for recycling and donations, $90.00 for loads that go to the landfill. We remove nearly any type of junk, trash, rubbish, waste, debris or garbage: clothes, toys, furniture, tables, beds, couches, sofas, recliners, dressers, appliances, household items, gym equipment, computers, TV’s, bulk items, books, carpet, construction materials, logs, branches, hot tubs, sheds, fences, pianos, mowers, bikes, decks, shelves, etc. We do junk hauling, garage clean outs and shed tear downs.

yard waste & tree removal trailer
hoarder cleanout-Waterford

On small jobs we use a pick up truck with one man. Your not paying for 2 men and a large truck. On larger jobs we use trailers or a garbage truck. It holds 5x as much as our competitors’ trucks.

Garage clean out
Garage clean out
Shed removal
Shed removal

Auburn Hills  –  48309, 48326

Birmingham  –  48009, 48012

Bloomfield Hills  –  48303, 48304

Bloomfield Township  –  48009, 48025, 48301, 48302, 48304,48320

Clarkston  –  48329, 48346, 48347, 48348, 48359

Commerce  –  48323, 48382, 48390, 48393

Lake Orion  –  48348, 48359, 48360, 48361, 48362

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